Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day 3 and Day 4!

Acrylic Nail Extensions and Nail Art

Day 3 we learnt about Acrylic nail extensions, and how they are applied. After lunch we then learnt UV acrylic, which are a lot easier and nicer looking than acrylic but harder to remove. Both types require tips to be placed on, filed, blended and buffed, with acrylic you use the powder and apply to the nail and shape it to as much of a natural nail as possible, whereas the gel goes on like a polish and you can shape by holding the finger upside down and letting gravity take its course. The acrylic needs to be soaked off, but the gel needs to first be filed and then soaked. 

Day 4 was all about nail art, a fun and relaxing day messing around with acrylic and gels, glitter and rhinestones, shapes and flowers. Making as many patterns as we could imagine, in all colours and styles. A much needed break from concentrating on extensions. 

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day, Advanced nail techniques sculpting with Acrylic and Gel! So good luck to me! But after will be a nice relaxing time in Winter Wonderland with my mum!! I've never been before so cannot wait!


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