Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Sorry about such a long wait, after all my nails chipping and breaking constantly, I didn't have the energy to paint the small stubs that remained, but since they have been growing nicely and are now a semi decent length I have resumed painting, and therefore do a nice long post to make up for it.

As you all will probably know, Models Own released a new collection called 'HyperGel', ten bright colours that all leave a lovely high shine and smooth finish and to promote the new release and reaching 250k followers on Facebook, Models Own had a 50% off sale on there website! All there lovely polishes at half price, who could resist! Temptation was too much and I just had to place an order. 'Red Lustre', 'Cerise Shine', 'Pink Veneer', 'Coral Glaze', 'Naked Glow', 'White Light', 'Lilac Sheen', 'Cornflower Gleam', 'Blue Glint' and 'Turquoise Gloss', the whole HyperGel collection fell into my basket along with four of the five Velvet Goth, four scented pastels, five neons, Hedkandi 'Hedonist', and a 'Coral Reef, and the express dry to top it all off. I couldn't wait for my order to arrive! It's safe to say that Models Own have a fab range of colours and collections and are fast becoming my favourite brand. 

And to top that off, Models Own held a competition, the first 30 to email them with what we love about Valentines Day would get to join them in their bottleshop in White City for 'manicures, nail art, goodie bags, refreshments, fun and games!' and never believing that I'd win, I thought I'd email them for the hell of it. Much to my surprise I got an email back saying they were looking forward to seeing me!! 

So the next evening, a friend and I hopped on the train into London for a night of pampering, Models Own style! Upon arriving we were given fizzy drinks in plastic champagne glasses, told to help ourselves to sweets and to pick any colours we wanted for a manicure and then get some funky nail art done by their very own Head Trend and Nail Expert Heather Cahill!! 

I picked the new 'Coral Glaze' from the HyperGel collection and was whisked away for a manicure!  I had a lovely leopard print added as an accent to both hands!

And with all the deals on, I couldn't resist adding to my collection :D 'Top Turquoise', 'Buff Pink', 'Snow White' and the gorgeous 'Southern Lights', a smoky eye kit and pink lip gloss went into my basket with 'Matt Top Coat' and '5 in 1, Top and Base Coat' and for £25 for the lot, I couldn't resist! They were popped into my goodie bag and away we went! It was only till we got outside that we had to rummage through our bags, a compact mirror, glittery eyeliner and nail buffer were hidden amongst the pink tissue paper.  


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  1. I request you show the nail varnishes you got for your birthday :)